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Zixuan – Account Manager

I studied Economics at Beijing Institute of Technology followed by a Masters in Marketing Management at Leeds University.

This is my first job since finishing my studies and I love how different it is from being a student. Life at TPP is fast-paced and enjoyable and I’m still getting to learn more things, just in a real world setting.

I chose TPP as I love the UK and always wanted to get a job here. This role was the perfect fit for me as it offered everything that’s important to me in a career; I get to travel while learning and experiencing different cultures and business environments and have the ability to use my language skills and experience in China to really excel in my work.

As an Account Manager my job is to make and maintain our relationships with customers, as well as seeking out new and exciting business opportunities for TPP. We also get to attend a variety of events and meet with people at some of the highest levels in Chinese government and organisations such as DIT and CBBC.

I’m getting to do something really meaningful with my work with TPP. We aren’t just a technology company, we are a close-knit team working together to help people and, ultimately, save people’s lives. It’s not just a job, it’s a fulfilling career.

I lived in Leeds for a year before joining TPP, so it’s great that I get to stay here as it is a lovely city. It’s well connected making it easy to get anywhere you want either by train or the nearby airport. We also have a great entertainment scene here, with plenty of theatre, Live music, art and good restaurants. You will really have an enjoyable time here.

If you are considering applying for TPP, I would recommend doing so as I not only really enjoy my work, but have achieved a lot of self-improvement too. My communication skills have drastically improved meaning I’m better at engaging with different groups of people. I work even more efficiently than before and am more confident about myself in general.

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