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Rebecca – Graduate Analyst

I did Chinese Studies at the University of Oxford and started at TPP straight after graduating. I’ve found my work here to be similarly challenging to my university studies, except I’m actually working sensible hours now – at uni I often spent late evening and weekends on my work.

I applied for TPP because I really wanted to do something where I would be intellectually challenged and be able to use my Chinese language in a transferable way. I was excited at the prospect of being able to travel as part of my job and the concept of SystmOne, and TPP’s mission to improve healthcare around the world made sense to me.

In the Business Analyst team, we’re responsible for designing how we’re going to develop our products. That means a few things: if we’re working with a specific customer, it means understanding what they do, why they’re doing it and how we could make their job easier. I’ve been so fortunate to work on lots of different international projects since I’ve started working here. I worked on developing our community health centre project in China, deploying our private clinic in Qatar, and more recently, working on how we can transform primary care using apps and new technology to get patients actively engaged in their own care.

I love the atmosphere too – I work with some of the smartest people I’ve ever met and the flat hierarchy means that we’re not vying with each other to climb up the next rung of a corporate ladder. The more you get involved with, the more you learn and the more responsibility you take on, and your progression within the company feels really natural.

TPP has got such awesome ambition, and is always striving to do more to drive the transformation of healthcare through technology. It’s fast paced and there’s always something new on the horizon. I love that I’m at the forefront of designing technology that’s helping to improve patient care throughout the NHS and around the world and it’s really rewarding when you see something you’ve worked on being used and making a difference.

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