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Molly – Graduate Software Developer

I studied Maths in Manchester and started at TPP after graduating. At first, it was a little difficult adjusting to working full time but I’ve found that the way we tackle problems at TPP is very similar to how I thought about Maths problems at uni, which I really enjoy.

It’s also great that you don’t have to spend your evenings and weekends worrying about work, unlike when I was at uni.

I applied to TPP as I wanted to stay in the North after getting a taste of how city life can be without a long commute into London. I spoke to a TPP employee at a careers fair and heard how I would be able to use the skills I learnt at uni on a product that benefits everyone- something which was really important to me. I was also drawn to the idea joining a relatively small company where my voice could be heard from day one. Since joining TPP, I’ve found that I am much more confident when speaking in front of groups of people or when talking to people who I think are more senior than me.

As a Software Developer, I’ve worked on areas such as improving SystmOne from the backend and adapting it so it can be used internationally. One of the biggest challenges my team have faced was how to create a billing system for units outside the UK, as this is something that doesn’t get used within the NHS. The task was made so much easier by working with people who support each other get on well.

In my spare time, I like outdoor activities and Horsforth is really close to the Dales which is awesome for bike rides and walks. There are stunning woods and parks within a mile of my house no matter which direction I choose to run in.

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