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Cloe – Software Developer

I studied Mathematics and Psychology at Durham University, and graduated earlier this year. I applied to TPP because I wanted to learn to code and I was attracted to the opportunity to do that whilst making a positive impact on the world.

When I was looking for a job, a good work environment was definitely one of my top priorities, so I was really happy to find such a friendly and collaborative place. I also find having a purpose to my work very important and I enjoy feeling like I am making a difference to healthcare. For example, I’m currently working on a project to integrate different clinical systems, which else ensure that GPs can book appointment for their patients at other GP practices that are on a different system to ours.

I find that the biggest difference between university and working at TPP is the amount of teamwork I do. While you might cooperate at uni, your grade eventually only affects you – at TPP, I feel like we are all collectively working towards a common goal. Not only is this less stressful, it’s also much more rewarding. Many of the people I work with are of a similar age to me, so my social life has not changed drastically. I enjoy sports, so I have indeed started a ballet course in Leeds, and I regularly go climbing with a few colleagues. Several of us also go along to the board games night on a Wednesday and there are always things to do in Leeds such as going to the cinema, the theatre or a nice meal.

I really enjoy working here. I like the feeling of helping others and I like the sense of achievement and the challenging process of each new piece of code. I have made a massive gain in my coding skills since I started – from never having written a line of code before I started to feeling like I could do it for the rest of my life.

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