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Cathy – Marketing & Communications

I did a Bachelors in Journalism at Shihshin University in Taiwan followed by two Masters in Mass Communication and Integrated Marketing Management.

Before joining TPP, I had 10 years’ experience in various marketing, advertisement and PR firms. I wasn’t happy with the work I was doing as it was overly repetitive, so I decided I needed a new, exciting and challenging opportunity abroad. My ideal career would include non-stop learning and the chance to learn different languages, skills and knowledge. My search led me to TPP as the perfect choice.

As part of the Marketing team my role includes all of these opportunities in an industry that is totally new to me, but where I can still apply all the professional experience I gained in my previous roles. I have been working on projects in China coordinating PR events, exhibitions, TEDx talks and media interviews, all of which has been really exciting.

One of the great things about TPP is how everybody is equal, regardless of age, time at the company or previous experience. It’s amazing how we can always work as a team but also be given equal chances to shine individually. Since joining TPP, my communication skills have really improved and I am more direct when I express my ideas.

Working at TPP even has its benefits outside of the workplace. The surrounding area of Leeds is perfectly suited to maintaining my love for cooking. Leeds market has loads of choices for fresh and diverse ingredients, allowing me to be really creative.

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