Why do TPP look at my A-Level grades? - TPP Careers

Here at TPP we are looking for the brightest minds in the world. In the same way that doctors require the best grades to do their lifesaving work, we need an exceptional team to maintain one of the world’s largest databases, develop lifesaving artificial intelligence and revolutionise healthcare across the world.

Our entry requirements are in place to ensure we are hitting the top percentile of individuals. We have found that A-levels, or international equivalents, are one of the best indicators for candidates who will excel in our roles.

We know this process will miss some of you. There are some amazing minds out there whose A-level grades don’t meet the A*AA required for some of our roles. In these cases, we really encourage you to look into some of our other jobs that have different entry requirements. All of our teams work really closely together and all have a vital role in delivering our vision. We recommend you look at some of our staff profiles to figure out which position best matches you.